The first thing you need to learn how to properly keep the dog in her arms. To take Chihuahua have two hands, right hand holding for a seat, right under the breast. You can't take the dog by the stomach, the paws, the collar, or girth ribs. Proper care of a pet involves regular walks with him outside, the dog should be able to run and loosen up a bit on the loose (away from large concentrations of people and roads). Large dogs can cause danger to your pet therefore it is better to walk your Chihuahua on a harness or leash (two to four times per day).
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Don't let the dog eat something from the ground, as it can poison, choke or catch an infection. If your pet is a short-haired breed, then you should walk him in the cold season in a special heat suit. Keep the Chihuahua got a sun stroke during summer walks as they love to bask in the sun. Do not leave it under direct sunlight and in a closed car.
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Grooming depends entirely on the length of hair. Wash your dog you need to average three to four times a year (and if heavily soiled wool and absolutely necessary), and only a special shampoo. In the process of bathing, ensure that the water is not poured into the ears. Keep in mind that Chihuahuas are not allowed to swim during the week after any vaccination. Too frequent bathing makes the hair dry and brittle.
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During molting pamper your pet with vitamins with Biotin content. Care of claws is reduced to careful and timely trimming. Avoid cutting nails too short to avoid damage to the blood vessels. If not time to trim claws, Chihuahua will not be able to put the feet correctly. Don't forget to take care of your Pets teeth. At the age of seven months, begins the change of teeth, at this time you need to give the pet more calcium. If the teeth had not fallen out, immediately contact your veterinarian for help.
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Once in three month spend with a dog of a special deworming medication. Time to do the vaccinations. Feed your Chihuahua at the same time every day, put fresh and clean water to drink. Don't let the guest give the dog food from the table, do not overfeed your pet. Regularly clean hair with a special brush, wipe eyes pet weak solution of potassium permanganate or tea, check the ears.
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