Usually all protein diet though, and have a high level of efficiency, do not allow a long time to maintain the weight after the person stops eating it. This is the main problem of protein diets, which, surprisingly, is devoid of "presidential".

Cardiologist Arthur Agatston, perhaps, at the moment developed the most effective way of eating based on a protein that can be maintained for a long time without strong negative effects on internal organs.

Like many other diets, this was not originally configured to a wide range of people, and was designed to reduce cholesterol levels in patients before major operations. After was discovered the side line with a lower – weight.

Dr. Agatston just had to write a book, calling such a diet "diet South beach". Only after some time she was called that name, which entered the legend presidential.

How is this diet? Main thing is to follow all three steps:

The first step here is virtually no different from other protein diets. Lean meats and fish are the main source of protein. Most importantly, do not use diet anything sweet, under the strict prohibition of food containing starch and flour, including among them are vegetables. Here is an interesting rule: you can eat as many of the allowed foods, however, eat up to 6 times per day is not worth it. Usually the first stage takes place for 2 weeks, the further it becomes harmful.

During phase 2 available all the products of the first stage. However, there are added fruits and whole grains. Interestingly, you can afford to relax with a glass of dry wine or piece of dark chocolate. Such a regime should be maintained until the period until you reach your optimal weight.

Support phase was designed so that it can be maintained on a permanent basis. Most importantly, a balanced diet, include starch vegetables, and not abusing, white bread.

This diet is quite comfortable and soft as compared to the other, the list of allowed foods is quite large. It is also necessary constantly to drink about 8 glasses of water a day.