The person who adheres to a diet on Kremlin diet should be your diet. In a daily dose ingested food should not be more than forty units. With this meal program a person can throw up to five pounds in a fortnight. To maintain normal weight, not to reduce and not gain enough to take up to sixty units a day.

Adhering to the Kremlin weight loss system can be controlled to gain weight, it may be important for some people who have the problem exactly in this direction. To gain weight, enough to eat a little more than 60 conventional units per day.

Feature of this diet is that without restrictions you can eat meat and fish, eggs. The weight of these products in conventional units is very low. These products can be used both in the morning and lunch, and dinner. Vegetables, berries, juices, fruits, on the contrary, weigh in arbitrary units more meat.

The principle of the diet is that you need to minimize carbohydrate intake, but the intake of protein in food is not prohibited. Pastries, breads, cereals, vegetables, sweets have a high weight in arbitrary units, because the carb is great. Sponge cake weighing 100 grams will cost the person who is sitting on the Kremlin diet, 65 units.

Some people who chose this diet make such a mistake as the abuse of foods of animal origin. You should carefully consider such meats as lamb, pork, as these types of very fat themselves. There are no restrictions on lean beef, rabbit, poultry. It is better to replace the intake of meat to fish and seafood as benefit from them much more than from meat animals.

Not all fit such a diet. Because this diet reduced levels of carbohydrates and excess protein, in diseases of the kidney, liver, heart and blood vessels this power system is contraindicated. Any diet is a serious event that can both help and harm, therefore, before and a selection of diet required qualified medical consultation the therapist and the gastroenterologist.