Determine the legal status of the organization of the Federal securities laws: "On production cooperatives", "On joint-stock companies", "On noncommercial organizations", etc. administrative and legal status of the various organizations and societies should be spelled out in the statutes, regulations and other legal acts of the legal entities.
Personality organizations with legal status, arises from the moment of state registration. Accordingly, to engage in certain activities subject to licensing is possible only after it received the licence for a particular activity or services. Administrative-legal status of the enterprise - a set of legal capacity of legal capacity and delictual.
The classification of any organization depends on: the form of ownership, the main objectives of the activities, legal forms of organization, jurisdiction or affiliation, as well as the nature and scope of the powers vested in them. Depending on the purpose of their activities, organizations are commercial and non-commercial. In part 1 of article 50 of the civil code detail that commercial organizations as the main purpose of the activity pursue profit. In turn, the nonprofit does not have a purpose and are not required to distribute the profits among all participants.
Commercial organizations can be created in the form of societies and associations, municipal and state institutions, production cooperatives, and even unitary enterprises. However, the latter is not endowed with the ownership. Non-profit organizations can be created in the form of public associations, religious associations, consumer cooperatives, charitable and other funds provided by law.
Also, organizations vary in the nature of its activities. It can be: companies, enterprises, community Association (foreign, international, etc.). Organizations are divided and types of ownership-state and non-state, public and religious, private and municipal. It is significant that the classification of institutions and enterprises is dependent on the results of their main activities.