Of course, the sooner you start to think about it, the more options you will have. However, if you still want to look glamorous and fashionable in the autumn, you should follow some tips fashion critics, which is recommended in 2016 to buy a coat, the design is approximate to outerwear 50-70-ies of the 20th century. Between these periods it has been 20 years, and during that time much has changed. For example, in 50 years, the coat was more feminine, soft, light, and in 70 they were a little rough, aggressive and hard.

Choose only the type that you like and will fit you in cut. The coat should be so that you will be comfortable to wear. Regarding the color it is worth remembering that this year in fashion brown, green, Burgundy and purple colors. Keep this in mind when choosing fall outerwear. This year designers have focused on coat, which by its cut reminiscent of the long jackets. They are very comfortable and look great on any type of figure.

Materials and finishes, popular in 2016

In this case the fabric choice is just unlimited. This knitted, suede, satin, and velvet. In 2016, fashion designers decided to combine different types of fabrics to make the ladies more attractive and stylish. The most fashionable element this year is fur, which, fashion designers trim their products. It is not only warm and pleasant to the touch, but also looks great and gives your outfit a chic, romance and mystique. However, there's a certain exotic touch, as if for winter outerwear fur – it is absolutely familiar, and even necessary element, then coat it looks somewhat extreme.

What to combine autumn coat

When the coat is closed, it's time to go to, what shoes and clothes would be more in harmony with your chosen item of clothing. So, if your choice fell on a coat sewn model 50 years, it is best suited shoes with high heels in combination with long silk scarves and handkerchiefs, as well as with elegant tailored trousers or skirts for office style. To coats 70 years suitable long scarves, boots, stockings, and large and roomy bag.