You will need
  • - a contract of shared participation in construction or co-investment;
  • - the passport.
Find a buyer. This can be done through a real estate Agency or independently by inserting a notice in a professional newspaper or posting it online. Agency or independent realtor you'll have to pay the Commission, but in this case, most of the burden of paperwork can be passed on to another person. Often, the realtor can give you advice about the legal technicalities of the transaction.
Get the consent of the developer to the transfer of your rights to another person. It must be in writing and will likely be paid for you.
If you take a mortgage to buy a home, obtain the Bank's consent to the transfer of rights and obligations related to payment of under construction apartment, to another person. To do this, the buyer will need to provide income certificate and other documents confirming its financial stability. With the consent of the Bank to the obligation to pay the mortgage payments will be transferred to the new owner of the rights to housing under construction. With him will be concluded a new loan contract, and your will be closed.In case of refusal the Bank must first fully repay the loan, and after that to conclude an agreement on assignment of rights.
Enclose with the acquirer of the rights to the apartment the contract. Its form depends on what type of documents were appended between you and the Builder. If you had previously signed an agreement on co-investment, the agreement on assignment of rights can be in written form and just notarize. If you have an organization, building a house, signed the document on share participation in construction, the assignment of such agreement must be registered at the local branch of the Federal registration service.
For the preparation of the text of the Treaty on the assignment , contact a professional lawyer dealing with documentation in real estate. If you write the text yourself, then it may be legally illiterate, and to be challenged.
According to the terms specified in the contract, will receive from the buyer which entitles you to money. In turn, give him all the documentation on the house, you have previously received from construction companies.