You'll be able to purchase different types of soap, although if you decide on chopping clean and odor-free soap and Supplement the infusion of useful plants, such as aloe, in the resulting soap chips, the recipe given in this article, you will be very useful.

It is necessary to take about 120 g of grated soap and add one Cup of infusion. The resulting mixture should be heated in a water bath until then, until a thick pasty mass. In the resulting mass is necessary to add a small amount of oatmeal, as a result, the bars of soap would be better to dissolve and exfoliate, and add a little honey, which will make the soap soft. In addition, it is recommended to add to the mix about 8 drops of your most loved essential oil. You use the infusion of rose petals? Then add the resulting soap a small amount of rose essential oil will intensify the smell of soap.

The resulting mixture pour into a special mold (for this you can use the form in the form of starfish or seashells) and leave overnight. In the morning remove from the molds the resulting soap and wrap it in greaseproof paper special. The resulting soap store in any dark place or cupboard. But keep it should not long as this soap does not last.