Soap base

For making soap at home you will need a soap base which you can easily find both in conventional and online stores. As soap base can be a baby soap with no smell. But it's better to use a ad hoc basis, it is much softer and softer. It must first be melted. This can be done in a microwave oven for a couple of minutes.


The base oil will add to homemade soap softness and usefulness. This role will do a great job olive, apricot, almond, burdock, peach oil or a mixture thereof. In principle, you can use any oil, and it's better that it didn't smell.


As additives for homemade soap can be any essential oil, herbal teas, flower petals, coffee beans, seeds berries, oatmeal, ground spices, honey, rice grains, coconut – the list goes on to infinity. It is not necessary to use, perhaps, only fresh fruit, berries and vegetables as handmade soap can easily become moldy. With essential oils you should also exercise caution. They can easily provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, their dosage should have some control. To make homemade soap color dyes need no special food or herbal teas and juices.

Handy tools

For making your soap you will need kitchen scales, saucepan, wooden spoon, measuring utensils, grater, cookie cutters. Their role great deal of containers of yogurt or processed cheese.

Homemade soap for normal skin

To prepare it you'll need 30 ml milk, 2 tsp of oatmeal, 30 ml peach oil, 3 drops of rose oil and 100 g of soap base. Begin by melting the Foundation in a water bath or in the microwave, then stir in the milk, peach oil and mix. At the end add crushed flakes of oatmeal and rose oil, mix and pour into forms.

Homemade soap for oily skin

You will need 1 tbsp. of white or blue clay, 1 tablespoon of rosehip oil, 80 ml of warm water, 5 drops of tea tree oil, 100 g of soap base. All the ingredients need to mix and pour the resulting mass on the molds. This soap is due to the clay will help to tighten pores and remove excess sebum.

Homemade soap for dry skin

You will need 1 tbsp olive oil, 0.5 tsp. moisturizer, 1 capsule vitamin E, 100 g of soap base. All the ingredients thoroughly and pour soap mass into molds.

Useful tips

Soap needs to dry properly in the forms. It takes time, usually 10-12 hours. It is not necessary to cool the soap in the fridge. Let it cool down and dry up in natural conditions. To finished homemade soap does not dry and is not cracked, it should be stored in a food film.