Right, diet with such a serious disease is of paramount importance. Supposed to eat small portions five times a day. You need to cook in a few. Allowed to cook food. Strictly forbidden fried foods. Proteins and fats are used as usual but the fats should be limited to approximately seventy grams per day.

Salt should be consumed as little as possible. Therefore, from the diet should exclude pickles and tomatoes, pickled products, smoked products and various spices. Ought to give up all fatty and rich. From confectionery and pastries, too, must be abandoned. Eating any soda, strong coffee and tea also it is better to limit. It is especially important to give up alcohol, as it is deadly is valid for such an important organ!

Of liquids it is advisable to drink only plain water, but it has to be green tea, juice, broth hips. With regard to dairy products, then they need to consume low-fat, less than 2.5%. A very useful cheese and yogurt. Meat and fish also it is not excluded, but more importantly, they should not be greasy.

It is recommended to eat a variety of cereals both on water and milk. You should not indulge in pasta. They are permitted in all classes. In the daily diet should include ripe vegetables, fresh fruit and berries, but the latter should not contain large amounts of vitamin C. Seeds, nuts it is not excluded, but it should not be abused.

But from the sausages and other semi-finished products have to give, allowed, only "doctor's" sausage and that in small quantities. Also, it is imperative to indulge in various treats such as: chocolate, candy, pastry, cakes, ice cream. In any case can not resort to the treatment of starvation!

After recovery from hepatitis C strict diet can not be followed, but some rules to stick to, it is still necessary. Allowed a variety of products, but in limited quantities, such as, for example, strong coffee or tea.