The liver is the natural filter of the body, which is active round the clock to preserve human health. However, sometimes the body gets sick: its amazing infections (causing hepatitis) or improper diet and careless attitude. To facilitate the course of the disease, avoid products that are harmful for liver.
Liver diseases are very dangerous fatty foods. First and foremost, abstain from butter and fat. Remove from the diet of fatty meats such as lamb, pork, duck and goose. These products should not be used in any form: a sick body is dangerous even derived from them, for example, soups.
Remember that the more fat and sugar the food contains, the greater the load tests the liver. Greatly to aggravate the disease can various desserts and sweets. So forget about chocolate, candy, cakes with cream, ice cream, butter cookies, etc. From soft drinks doctors advise to refrain from cocoa, fat of milk, sodas.
Many natural herbal products for liver diseases should also be deleted. These include garlic, radish, leek, radish, cilantro. Cross out from the menu of fresh foods with acidity, such as cranberry, sorrel, kiwi etc. in the ailments of the liver discard the pickles, all pickled products and condiments. Of the latter, of particular danger are sharp horseradish, ketchup, mustard, vinegar.
Liver disease veto a drink. First and foremost, forget about alcohol. Vodka, brandy, whiskey, liqueurs, brandy, are a real poison to the patient's body. Also doctors do not recommend to drink strong tea or coffee.
Liver disease pay attention not only on harmful products, but also on the method of cooking. Acute attacks easily provoke, grilled and smoked foods. Threat and stewed products, if used in the preparation of the oil. The best option – boiling, roasting or cooking in a double boiler.
To facilitate the course of the disease will help the right foods. The menu should be cheese, cereal, water, yogurt, yogurt, seaweed, dried fruits. Of protein products can be consumed eggs. Also allowed the seafood and lean fish. The drinks take a special mineral water, slobozhany black and green tea infusions and fruit drinks, vegetable/fruit juices. Remember that all foods must not contain refined sugar.