Snacks before main meals in the dishes. Considered appetizers and the dishes that are served with alcoholic beverages. They can also be used to quickly satisfy hunger between meals. This category of meals stimulates the appetite, quenches hunger, softens the taste of alcohol and stops the process of rapid intoxication. Beautifully decorated snacks decorated with any table, and cause the appetite, adding in a variety of colors and flavors.

Snacks are hot and cold. The most common cold. Some food is cold clearly show all the subtleties of its aroma and flavor. This category includes the most diverse and wide variety of dishes as methods of making and products.

Snacks are completely raw, unprocessed foods: herbs, fruits, berries, various vegetables, not necessarily crushed, they can be beautifully decorated and washed.

There are products to snacks, which are subject to complex and lengthy processing: boiling, Smoking, roasting, reusable heating but before serving such dishes on the table, they are usually cooled. This group includes hams, sausages, fish, smoked meat, aspic, etc. Between these types of snacks is a lot of other dishes that don't require difficulties in the cooking process, but quite interesting and varied.