Healthy body, healthy spirit

The people of our time do not have enough energy for leisure. They lead a sedentary lifestyle, their body lacks physical exercise and after that come health problems. So very glad that modern people increasingly began to prefer a healthy pace, giving up cigarettes, alcohol and fast food. An essential point of the graph becomes active rest, walks in the fresh air and exercise.

It is proved that sports not only strengthen the body but also the spirit. Sport builds character, teaches to achieve goals, coached will power. Normalizes blood pressure, brain activity. The aging process slows down. People involved in sports always smart, has a beautiful shape, eats right, looks after their health and, of course, is in a good mood.

It is less susceptible to environmental aggression, less suffering from ailments and stress. Because the sport will require some effort, overcoming weaknesses, constantly working on yourself. People get stronger physically and grow as a person.

The load should increase gradually

But to start your sports most important. Choose the level of physical activity, soberly assess their strength. Plan your day to minimize missed workouts. To balance the power, because classes will require the body's high energy costs. And then to start training, gradually increasing the load and constantly listening to their feelings. It is very important not to overdo it and thus not hurt yourself.

The desired results will not come immediately. It takes time. The main condition is that the exercise must be regular, and the load measured. Well, a surge of good feeling will be felt immediately. The body are saturated with oxygen, the muscles will Wake up and the eyes will light.