Advice 1: Why do we need physical education

Exercise is one of the main components of a healthy lifestyle. The lack of movement weakens the body, and that physical activity helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system.
Why do we need physical education
During exercise the body consumes much more oxygen than at rest. It is beneficial to the work of all organs. With regular exercise increases lung capacity, improves oxygen supply that results in tone the cardiovascular system, reduces blood pressure, prevents strokes and heart attacks.Physical exercise activates the Central nervous system, resulting in accelerated not only exchange, but also mental processes. Children who exercise learn better school material. In adults, increases endurance, increases efficiency.Physicalculture is an excellent tool for the prevention of various diseases. Exercise stimulates the production of insulin that helps the body to maintain normal sugar levels. People suffering from diabetes, physicalculture helps to control the disease. In addition, moderate exercise helps to raise protective forces of an organism that helps it to resist respiratory diseases.Physical education contribute to the development of the will. They are taught to overcome various difficulties and achieve goals. These qualities are most important for adolescents, as well as the passive nature of people.Exercise strengthens the musculoskeletal system. They have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, prevent the development of age-related changes. Moderate exercise increase lymph flow to the spine, and it is an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease.Persons suffering from these or other diseases, do not limit yourself in physical activity. If restorative classes are contraindicated, come to the aid of the therapeutic physicalculture.

Advice 2: Why you need pressure

Blood pressure is characterized by blood-circulatory system. Indicators are determined by the volume of blood that is pumped over 1 time unit and the resistance vessels. Human pressure is not just pumping blood, but also adapts to the atmospheric pressure, which is constantly changing. Changes to the indicators following the vasomotor center located in medulla oblongata.
Why you need pressure

The systolic or top blood pressure indicates the force with which is a contraction of the heart and ejection of blood enriched with oxygen in the vessels. Diastolic or lower pressure is a measure of the pressure in the arteries during relaxation of the heart muscle. Capillary and venous pressure is almost independent of the phase of the cycle.

Pressure is needed to maintain the heart, blood vessels, and blood supply of all organs, without it can not work heart, the person will not be able to resist the atmospheric pressure, without pressure the blood life is impossible.

Pressure may not be consistently the same results. If one is engaged in physical labor or sports, then AD can be increased. In a relaxed state metrics can be greatly reduced.

The most reliable results can be obtained after a 30 minute rest. If the pressure measured immediately after exercise, mental stress, emotional stress, after taking strong coffee, alcoholic beverages or a hearty lunch, the systolic and diastolic pressure will show inadequate results.

Pulse pressure is a measure of the density of the arteries and is determined by the difference of systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Big difference in performance may indicate that arteries are inelastic and rigid, which often leads to heart attacks and strokes.

Normal is considered to be HELL 120/80, optimal is 110/ 70, but the figures are indicative only and may not reflect the state of the circulatory system of each patient, as the pressure level depends on the individual, and changing, adapting to the atmospheric pressure during the day. If a man will not pressure in the circulatory system, the atmosphere its just a crush.

Meteosensitivity – it is an indication that the vegetative system does not have time to adapt to the change of atmospheric pressure. If it is changing, and the vessels, instead of extending the taper, the person suffers severe headaches in rainy weather. In Sunny and clear weather vessels instead of narrow, too expand, this leads to fainting.

Most often weather-sensitive older people suffer, when the arteries have lost elasticity, become stiff and do not have time to adjust to atmospheric pressure. Excess cholesterol in the bloodstream also leads to negative consequences. Arteries and vessels are small gaps due to the presence of plaque, which leads not only to weather sensitivity, but to failures in the work of the heart.

Advice 3: Homosexuality: disease or normal life

Homosexuality is still poorly understood, but scientists around the world already know whether sexual orientation disease, lifestyle, or inherent nature of a model of behavior.
Homosexuality: disease or normal life
Innate homosexuality is a very rare phenomenon. In fact, people who are born gay, about two percent worldwide. That is, these gay men can meet as rare as conjoined twins.

Hence the fair question: "Then why is there so many supporters of same-sex love?". Only among some of the stars of Hollywood — a lot of people with a different sexual orientation. Actors, designers, singers, models boldly declare their preferences for the same sex. To do it became fashionable. Many fans of the stars begin to imitate the stars of show business. In countries where legalized same-sex marriage, not ashamed to be gay and announce it publicly.

What is it: psycho-physical pathology, the norm or the aberration? On this issue I different specialists from the field of sociology, medicine, psychology. Currently, democratic views are very strong, and people respect other people's choices. Here and there you can find men kissing.

Same-sex love has existed in all times. Many kings are not shy about their affiliation to men and did not hide it. By the way, even among primitive people homosexual contacts were as frequent as heterosexual. Also homosexuality is found in cattle, higher primates and some bird species.

From the history

In countries such as Greece, Persia and Rome love for the boys of the Greeks was required. They believed that intimate relationships with young men adult men had attached it to adulthood. In Ancient Greece for same-sex love was taken very seriously. The relationship between the representatives of the strong half of humanity stood. It was believed that the feelings between men was filled with moral charm.

During the spread of Christianity, homosexuality was considered a mortal sin. Gays began to harass, to humiliate, to punish. Despite this, homosexuality continued to flourish. In the middle Ages in Europe, the members of the monasteries believed that heterosexual contact is an even greater sin than homosexual.


In all times people expressed different assumptions concerning the occurrence of homosexuality. As can be seen, only a few people are born with different sexual preferences. But this is not to say that gays are sick people. They just don't like it. Other men become homosexuals because of the imposed ideals of the imitation of idols, fashion, and psychological trauma childhood.
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