During exercise the body consumes much more oxygen than at rest. It is beneficial to the work of all organs. With regular exercise increases lung capacity, improves oxygen supply that results in tone the cardiovascular system, reduces blood pressure, prevents strokes and heart attacks.Physical exercise activates the Central nervous system, resulting in accelerated not only exchange, but also mental processes. Children who exercise learn better school material. In adults, increases endurance, increases efficiency.Physicalculture is an excellent tool for the prevention of various diseases. Exercise stimulates the production of insulin that helps the body to maintain normal sugar levels. People suffering from diabetes, physicalculture helps to control the disease. In addition, moderate exercise helps to raise protective forces of an organism that helps it to resist respiratory diseases.Physical education contribute to the development of the will. They are taught to overcome various difficulties and achieve goals. These qualities are most important for adolescents, as well as the passive nature of people.Exercise strengthens the musculoskeletal system. They have beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system, prevent the development of age-related changes. Moderate exercise increase lymph flow to the spine, and it is an excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease.Persons suffering from these or other diseases, do not limit yourself in physical activity. If restorative classes are contraindicated, come to the aid of the therapeutic physicalculture.