So, how to do diabetes diet not only useful but also attractive? If you suffer from a lack of sweets, the sugar can be replaced with fructose. Better yet, stevia - a medicinal herb that is very sweet. Add it to cereals, desserts, casseroles, drinks. If the doctor permits, use honey instead of sugar.
In pharmacies and specialized stores have a diabetic Department. Sometimes you can afford to buy a packet of biscuits or a bar of chocolate, halva, cakes, cake.
Lean on various salads, experiment with combinations of vegetables and fruits. Grate carrots and Apple, add some nuts, honey for a delicious and healthy dish, just what we need for nutrition in diabetes.
Make fruit desserts: apples sprinkle with cinnamon and bake, and from oranges to squeeze the juice, add gelatin and freeze – it will be fragrant jelly. By the way, the cinnamon, add in any dish – it not only makes them taste good, but also regulates the level of sugar in the blood.
Don't ignore the cauliflower – fill it with beaten eggs and bake in the oven, and then sprinkle with grated cheese. Instead of cabbage you can take the zucchini – delicious dish is in any case provided to you.
Useful in diabetes low-fat cottage cheese. Make him a casserole: add the egg, stir. Cut into slices apples or pears, mix with curd mass. Bake until Golden brown.
From fish, lean meat are delicious, especially if you cook them in the steamer. To add meat juiciness, tenderness, prepare a sauce of flour and milk or make a side dish salad of cabbage and tomatoes, dressed with oil and lemon juice.
If you are used to coffee, but diabetes does not give it to eat, pay attention to the chicory. It will replace your favorite beverage and at the same time fly: chicory contains inulin, which positively affects the metabolism.