The pain during the birth process is divided into two types. First, pain is manifested in the reduction of the uterus and stretching her cervix. This pain has no specific localization. The sensation can radiate into the lower belly or in the region of the sacrum and lower back.

Another kind of pain occurs before the actual birth of the fetus. It occurs because of tissue stretching of the birth canal and promotion of the child in vain attempts. The pain completely stopped my contractions.

To reduce discomfort during childbirth, you must first prepare psychologically, to be informed about the stages of childbirth. Correct breathing and relaxation promotes proper entire process.


Antispasmodics contribute to the opening of the cervix. But this type of painkillers can cause drowsiness, so it is used only in preparation for childbirth or at an early stage. In the second stage of labor use is contraindicated due to adverse effects on the respiratory system of the fetus.

Anesthesia in the form of inhalation. This so-called "laughing gas" - nitrous oxide. Often used in intensive battles and rapid delivery. The efficiency of this method is 50%.

Epidural anesthesia. The blockade of only the lower body is the most popular method of pain relief during childbirth. The medicine is injected directly into the canal of the spinal cord. Often used for caesarean section. The woman is fully conscious. If anesthesia is applied correctly, it does not affect attempts. As well as any kind of anesthesia has contraindications.

General anesthesia. Is rarely used and only when needed emergency surgery.