In fact, there are several options that can be used as a casual summer option. For example, bags made of textile, you can go to almost every style. Typically used pear-shaped streamlined shape, which is strictly not suitable for saving documents in the proper form. It's more with pleasure, roomy and perfect for a picnic with friends or a simple trip to the store.

Another option, which can already be used to work visit is knitted bags. They have quite a rigid frame, which will be deformed only when specifically directed physical action. Knitted totes in most of the cases involve the use of a long handle through a shoulder. Summer is the hallmark of everyday, casual look. Goes well with any jeans, ordinary t-shirt and Slippers Vietnamese.

If you want to create a more serious style, then Mike can replace a traditional blouse with a small strip, and Vietnamese Slippers to change to the classic form of the moccasin is a neutral color. This option is perfect for business meetings on neutral territory, or is a great solution for lovers of classic style. So, do not think that bags can not be used in the summer as a universal option. Today, every fashion house working to create new concepts, which in any case will affect the creation of textile bags.