This invaluable aid will sports. In the early stages it can be as simple physical exercises: morning exercises and playing different games. Since the age of four raises the question of enrolling a child in any sports section. The mistake of many parents is to select sections "prestige" at the moment. In this case, in the first place is not the child's desire, and unsatisfied ambitions of parents. The primary objective in the child's sport is to grow physically strong and hardy man. Besides, sports inculcates discipline and concentration. And this is a very important quality.

Each sport is attractive in their own way. But, if the baby is observed susceptibility to frequent colds, viral infections, it is better than going swimming. What makes swimming child? What is its benefit?

Key factors:

  • Recovery.
  • Hardening.
  • Strengthening the nervous system.
  • The development and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.
  • A beneficial effect on the heart muscle.
  • The development of the respiratory system.
  • Develop rhythmic movements.

Experts strongly recommend to be careful in the selection pool. If it is adapted to engage with the kids, it means that it is suitable for a child. If you are unable to find the right swimming pool, you should not hurry up and record the baby section navigation. Well, if you are lucky and the pool is chosen, continue to the following conditions for the implementation of the task. It consists in choosing a coach for your child.

Now quite often people who are not professional teachers, work in the pool with the kids. Such training may not give good results. In order to avoid such a grief-coach, be sure to visit the gym. Look at how coach works with children. Feel free to inquire about his education and work experience. Ask yourself, what technique he teaches.

The basic requirements for the coach:

  • Must have special education.
  • To teach according to the classical method.
  • To be able to work with children of preschool age.

This is very important. This is the first coach in a child's life depends, he will love this sport or categorically refuses to engage in them. Do not try to grow up from toddler champion. Does it matter? The important thing is that he grows up healthy!