The main idea of the diet becomes clear already from the title. It is a diet, compliance with which involves a reduced consumption of carbohydrates in the diet. One of the most known such diet – the Kremlin diet. Doctors and nutritionists have been arguing, efficient and really safe this nutrition program.

Carbohydrates are divided into two types - fast (simple) and slow (complex). Fast carbs are sugar, buns, cakes, hot cereal, sweet juices, soda and so on. Simple carbohydrates, but harm, nothing in itself do not carry. Proven that they are the cause of obesity, poor health, and the development of certain diseases, such as diabetes and pancreatitis. But from all these products should be discontinued. They practically do not saturate and, after eating a bar of milk chocolate, 15 minutes later the hunger returns. If unbearable without the sweet hard, you can eat any fruit (except grapes and bananas), eat fruit in the morning, preferably before 13 o'clock.

Low-carb diet generally excludes the consumption of any fruit in General. This diet involves the consumption of solely of protein, the safety of this diet for the body also is in question. Excessive amount of protein can cause kidney disease, metabolic disturbances, and poor health. Complex carbohydrates are all grains (cereals) and legumes (beans, peas, lentils). Slow carbs are good for the body, they are slowly absorbed, fill the body and brain the energy, well saturated, and keep the feeling of satiety.

On a low carbohydrate diet, the consumption of cereals and legumes also need to be reduced to a minimum. Allowed to eat foods with the lowest carb, protein food (meat, poultry, fish, cheese, dairy products, cheese). To choose with the lowest percentage of fat. To add to the diet of fresh, preferably green vegetables, they are rich in fiber, which improves digestion.

In compliance with any diet, you should always consult with a specialist and possibly undergo a medical examination. The key to health and beautiful figure is a sport and proper nutrition.