Scientists from the University of Bath decided to check the Breakfast has a significant impact on the loss of body weight and whether its consumption is not really to promote loss of pounds. Specialists conducted a study on two groups of volunteers aged 21-60 years. One group ate a daily Breakfast, the second group is "avoided" foods.

Scientists have found that people from the first group who ate Breakfast, had more energy for decision-making and good physical activity had better health and eat less during the day compared with people from the second group.

Although the researchers found no significant effect of Breakfast on body weight, but saw a number of factors, such as physical activity and less appetite in subsequent meals, which can have an effect on your figure.

If our goal is weight loss, eating Breakfast or circumvent this meal is irrelevant. However, on the basis of other markers of health, such as physical activity, control of blood sugar levels, there is evidence indicating that Breakfast has great effect and will help in achieving this goal.

The researchers added that it is important not only what we eat Breakfast. Can not be one scale, for example, eating cereals with a high sugar content and a full meal, rich in protein.