The current problem

It is necessary to correctly understand the cause of the quarrel and solve this problem not by the recollection of past grievances and disagreements

Sentence structure

It is important to talk to your spouse about your feelings and resentment. Not to attack but to speak. Start sentences with "I feel...", "I want..." and not "You should...", "You ought to...".

Not to speak Branno

Never insult each other in front of children! Each time the child will hear cursing on the part of parents to each other, it will be seen that all the more normal and familiar, and in the future will also communicate with you losing respect.


It is necessary to speak calmly, clearly and confidently, arguing his statements. The child will see that the argument is not passionate and sharp cries, and indeed the process of solving the problem.

Not to blame anyone

During the conversation, don't say that to blame this or that, place, or circumstances. The child in this case will used to blame all their problems on other people. It is important to show that only the man himself can solve their problems.

Empty promises and threats

At the time of quarrel not to say a lot of unnecessary and harsh words, forgotten after it. The child perceives all these words literally, believe in it and afraid of the consequences.

To properly explain

After clarification of all things, one must not forget to tell the child that the argument is over and everything is cleared out.

Not to "hide" children from conflict

The adult child sometimes better understand the situation occurring in the family and sees when the parents are not the best. Do not lie to your child that all is well and no problems. If he sees them, to deny this is not necessary.

A simple explanation

The child remains a child. He does not understand the full palette of your feelings, worry and resentment. It is not necessary to "load" philosophy and long explanations. The child must understand the objective cause of the quarrel and how to get out of it. And also, it is important to tell the child that the parents quarrel it's not his fault and nothing to do with it has not.

In fact, all these rules and tips very difficult to use in the argument, as emotions and thinking there is no time. But, learning this, the parents will take a big step to proper education and formation of the psyche of the child.