First, determine what the cause of the quarrel of the parents, and how deep it is. Perhaps if the feelings parents have completely cooled, you'd better not to interfere in their relationship – divorce is still not avoided. If you see that the parents love each other, but for some reason are in conflict, try to come up with a strategy of reconciliation.
Some parents are at loggerheads begin to use the baby for their own purposes, manipulating them and setting him against the other parent. Do not allow to govern themselves – if dad asks you to give something to the mom because he's not speaking with her, do it. Then the parents will inevitably have to contact and they will no longer be playing for you some of the roles. Let your parents understand that their quarrel they bring pain and trouble for you.
If the parents are adequate enough, try to collect them on the "family meeting" and talk seriously and without mutual claims. Be dispassionate and calm parents need to see that you're an adult who cares for a family atmosphere and wants his parents again began to treat each other as before.
Try to restore to parents some memorable and dear to both of them event. Arrange them a romantic dinner by candlelight or going to a restaurant many years ago. Keep parents in one place in a romantic setting, prepare everything you need, and then retire. Perhaps this will revive the old feelings.
The main thing you must not do is attract the attention of negative events, such as: leaving home, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and other conspicuous ways to attract the attention of the quarreling. Do not pay with their health and reputation for the behaviour of parents and try to reconcile them in more reasonable ways.