Restrain emotions. Being a parent is hard work, and the first task for you is to develop an iron patience. In order to grow full-fledged member of society, you need to watch their words and actions in moments of punishment. Sometimes you unwittingly can insult and humiliate the child that will affect not only your future relationship, but also on the formation of his personality.
Don't shout. Raising voices is not always possible to achieve something. Do not have to swear, moving to higher tones. Much better would be a conversation with the child. Become to look him in the eye (you can sit down or raise him on a chair), and explain that his behavior was wrong, why is wrong to do and that is condemn adults. This conversation is valid for children better than any shouts and cuffs.
Don't let to give your baby to someone else. Have a mom and dad who can criticize the behavior and say how it is impossible to do. Other aunts and uncles have to educate their children, and not to encroach on yours. Don't let his offense, because he perceives that you allowed miss Jones to yell at him.
Do not consider all the offenses as one. For every child must be punished, but in any case not to mention that he can't do something that he is clumsy or not know how to behave. One offense is one reproach.
Be fair. Not quite right is the deprivation of your favorite games or watching cartoons because the child forgot to put the Cup in the sink. Try to choose a punishment proportionate to the misconduct.
Do not allow physical punishment. Yes, you can spank your child, abruptly and rudely to pull away from the "crime scene", but to not do this. It will only intimidate him and make you afraid that is unlikely to lead to good relations in the family.