Since childhood, encourage your child to simple work – are aware of their responsibilities, the child will become more responsible, and he will feel important if you would assign him some chores. Serve the child his own example – always fulfill your promises, on time and diligently do your duties at home so the child could learn from you and emulate your behavior.
Teach your child to respect the work, feel the satisfaction from accomplishing important tasks and help others.

In school to educate children connect the teachers and the school curriculum – the lessons of literature can give the child a lot of knowledge in the field of honor, discipline, loyalty, duty, and the different moral categories.
Gradually, the child acquires an intuitive understanding of good and bad, and it allows him to understand people and to make the right choices, assessing their own behavior.
The school complements the education of the child a serious contribution to his communication skills, improves discipline, learn to follow the rules and regulations in school and at home. Regularity, punctuality, dedication and organization are also very important for baby at this stage.
Watch friends with who the child is, and what is the relationship he has with society. Friendship with peers, mutual support, ability to share – it all helps to grow a child's strong personality, and perhaps the leader of the team.
Shaping the worldview of the child, help him to build his own system of values and ideals, as well as help guide to the future – the child gradually begins to realize what his life's purpose and what are the moral attitudes and norms of behavior they will be due.
Orient the activities of the child so that he constantly saw before him a model of correct behavior in different situations. The child from time to time needs to get into difficult situations where he must make a decision and make a choice – so is brought up in nature, creates a certain inner beliefs and the task of parents in this case is the support of the child, not the elimination of difficulties.
Always keep an individual approach to each child, listen to his feelings, determine the motives for his actions. This will help the child to find yourself and to develop the best qualities of character.