As a rule, develop responsibility at the child of preschool age is rather difficult due to the small development of consciousness. Small children do not know all the rules that are present in everyday life of adults. In this regard, they are hard enough to make the right decisions. Begin to instill a sense of responsibility should be approximately 3.5 to 5 years. At this time the child begins more consciously to refer to many things. But do not forget that the training of the baby such as responsibility, must start small.
Start to learn to trust your child. Try to ask him to do something and patiently wait for the result. Then with a look at what the child did wrong, in detail disassemble his mistakes, point out how you need to do it right. Then ask the child to do again what you asked for. Maybe the kid will consider your explanation and this time do it right.
Try to develop the responsibility from the child for one's own health is in a period when he was ill. Giving him the cure, say: "You want to get well? Then you need to drink this potion (or pill)". This will help your child to trace the cause-and-effect relationship that arises between decision and consequences: drank the medicine is recovered. This will show the child that his decisions may depend on many things.
Do not ignore the questions of a child. Answer them, help the kid to study everything that surrounds it. It is possible to use a playful form, telling funny stories. But don't forget to gently complement his story "life" stories, i.e. those that do will need him in life. Remember, as a child: "fairy Tale – lie, Yes in it a hint...".
Gradually nurture a child's sense of respect for others. For example, if you have a bad headache, and your baby cries out loud, throws toys, stomping feet, you can tell him that you really bad that you got sick. This will ask the child not to make noise and give you relax.
Charge child care about anyone (or anything). For example, buy him a small pet (hamster, Guinea pig). Kids love animals, and your child will immediately become attached to the fluffy animal. Teach him how to care for an animal and explain that it is now in his hands the destiny of the living entity, and it depends only on whether the animal is comfortable or not.
When the education of the child sense of responsibility not to forget that it is formed along with the other qualities of character. The moment in the upbringing of the baby is very important – both for you and for him. How seriously and patiently you will approach this issue may depend the future of your baby.