The desire for a child is the most important

Paired parent-child dominant must be someone of the parents. If this place is occupied by a child, you should start to worry. All the baby needs to be satisfied only in their infancy.

The child does not know how to behave in public

When parents especially do not prohibit child and not try to teach him good manners in society, nothing good will come of it. Later it will be very difficult to adapt.

Blurred lines

Children very difficult when the parents every day to change the border behavior. Yesterday it was and today it is already impossible. If you set any ban, then follow it constantly. And the child will be easier.

The lack of a sense of responsibility for their actions

Years with three children begin to realize that all actions have consequences. When parents are constantly blamed everything on the age of the child, they deprive him of the right to be responsible for their actions. In parallel with this, they do not give him to mentally grow up.

Frequent gifts

It so happened that some parents believe that the multiple gifts they show to the child your love. But psychologists are sure that the gifts for no reason promote the fact that children become consumers and selfish.

Everything is achieved through tantrums

When the baby starts crying, parents are willing to go to all sorts of conditions, if only the child has stopped the tantrum. Unfortunately, this acquiescence of the parents makes the child understand that this is the way that will help him get what you want, and you start to manipulate.

Adults are like children

No one is perfect. Parents also can make mistakes. Sometimes they serve the wrong example to your child (tantrums, whims, my desires). The child takes not words but actions. And then actively apply them in practice.

So be a good example for your child. Don't be afraid if you have something does not work. All people learn from their mistakes. Love your child and everything will turn out.