Rock-festival "Nashestvie" was first held in 1999, the organizers - the representatives of the radio station "Nashe Radio", decided one day to celebrate a year of broadcasting and at the same time to give a start to the festival. In the end, on 11 December 1999 at the Gorbunov Palace of culture "Invasion" has gathered an incredible amount of viewers, which prompted the creators of subsequent charges carried out under the open sky. Every year the festival is visited by more and more visitors, for example, the previous three days managed to visit more than 200 000 people.

In 2016, the rock festival "Invasion" will take place in the Big Zavidovo, Tver region, Konakovo area. Its opening will take place on 8 July at 18:00. However, all who came before this time will not be bored, because the seventh of July at 19:00 will host the program "Air" with M. Margolis. The festival will run through July 10, that is, three days. The latest news about the festival, program changes and other things you can find on the official website, for this in search bar of your browser write and click the search button.

"Invasion" 2016: participants

As for the participants, the festival opens with "spleen" (this group was lucky enough to open a previous concert). In the top ten will perform Louna, Yu-Piter, headed by Vyacheslav Butusov, The Matrixx, Kipelov, Crematorium, Chizh & Co, the Mill, and loved by many a Leg Cramp and Chaif. Saturday night opens "Alice," her support group "Animation", "Bi-2", "Kukryniksy". Will not do 18 the festival without groups "Leningrad" and "Pilot". "Lead Mist" with the group's leader, Dmitry Nesterov - an unexpected party-Bashing, will continue the concert. The last time guests will be able to enjoy the performances of the Ekaterinburg group "Semantic Hallucinations". On the main stage this time to debut the band "25/17", headed by Andrei Pozdnukhova. A list of the third "tens" (artists, songs and music which will be able to listen to the conclusion of the meeting) as follows: "VA-Bank", "DDT", "ГильZа", "КняZz", "Hippoband", "Accident", "Night snipers", "Earring", "spleen", "Mgzavrebi", Olga Kormukhina. As can be seen from the list, it 10, and 11 musicians.

If this year you decided to attend the festival, remember that on its territory it is forbidden to bring drugs, alcoholic and any other beverages (including even water), perishable foods, food in glass or cans, nail accessories, and of course, weapons. Medications like dipyrone or shpy allowed, but on condition that they are in the original sealed containers. All other drugs are allowed subject to the availability of a prescription and a doctor's permission.