According to statistics, the most faithful to observe those couples who met through friends. Another important detail is the time that has elapsed from the start of the relationship and before marriage. This is the period during which young people get to know each other, become closer and eventually decide to bind their fates forever. Therefore, do not neglect the time sometimes, when it seems that you know the person you think has gone inside his house, but really you just stand near the entrance, light a match and ask if anyone inside. According to statistics, it is those relationships that last about three years before marriage have a happy continuation in the future, so, never hurry, especially when it comes to such an important decision as choosing a partner for life.

Scientists also indicate the ideal age difference for the bride and groom. The guy must be about two years older than the bride, and the ideal age for marriage is 31 years. Although, of course, such details is a very individual thing.

As for the future life together, there is a very important detail. After the passion and fervor will pass, it is important to maintain the marriage bond with love and tenderness. Romance in marriage must be always present. Love manifests itself in the surprises that should be done regularly to each other, hugging, kissing and declarations of love. It is important every day to maintain contact with your loved one when the husband and wife are not together he needs to communicate messages and calls.

People linked by ties of marriage, must work together to relax during the holidays, arrange for each other romantic evening together to celebrate the holidays. But do not forget that you need some independence, about twice a month, the couple needs to spend time separately from each other, to relax, to meet friends, the main thing – not to go too far with isolation.

But kids better start to give birth after two years of marriage. The child should not attract attention to itself, making the spouses far from each other, but to strengthen and unite the family.