The ideal age for marriage for everybody. Someone at the age of 18 ripe for a serious relationship and ready to make your offer. And yet in most cases it turns out that the man, before marrying, then begins to experience discomfort from losing their freedom, lack of permanent relationships with friends, many limitations imposed on his family and marriage. Ultimately, this can lead to problems in the family, crisis in men and even divorce.
The structure of modern society is that the financial opportunities for young people are scarce, but temptations to spend the youth roughly and fun enough. School to 18, then the Institute and the army stretch the age of consent a young person into the adult period up to 22-23 years. But this age in society is considered too early for marriage, because you need to start a career, earn money, learn to provide for themselves and not to live with their parents.
In addition, huge opportunities for fun in the big city postpone the date of marriage for some time. Do you want to shift the burden of responsibility when there is a merry group of friends and you can have an interesting, busy life, not thinking about serious things? All this leaves its imprint on the identity of the young man, showing him signs of immaturity and unpreparedness for marriage even after puberty.
But time passes, and the man begins to think more about career and establishing a serious relationship. This period usually starts from 24 or 25 years. It was at this time at the hormonal level, important changes, allowing the male body to enter into a more measured and calm period of life. However, for every young person, everything is very individual and may start earlier or later age. If at this age a man meets a girl he wants to build a serious relationship, over time these relationships lead to marriage. And such a Union will be more deliberate and desirable than marriage to 20 years.
Most comfortable for marriage is the age of 30-35 years. This is the period when a young person starts to become a real man. He is in the Prime, but already knows a lot, he's experienced and managed to place in his career, he's confident and has a lot of plans for my life. At this age, men become great fathers and give their children a fine education. If up to this age the man has not yet managed to find a beloved woman, this is the best time to be looking, and with a specific purpose – marriage and family creation.