Marriage and relationships

The official registration does not affect the relationship between a man and a woman. No document can make people love and respect each other, be faithful and true. The stamp in the passport does not guarantee that a man and a woman will always be happy together and decides to leave.

The perception of civil marriage

In spite of this, a lot of girls, it is important to have the status of official wife. So the woman feels more secure and confident. Often it is dictated by attitude towards civil marriage of others. It is believed that if a man marries a woman, then the couple has not yet become a family.

Relatives often insist that the couple entered into a valid marriage, because the older generation cohabitation still seems obscene. This is especially true of couples waiting for a child. Despite the fact that marriage does not make man a more caring and responsible father, many couples still decide to sign it during pregnancy.

Men on the other hand is nicer to feel blank, even if they are in a relationship and want them to last as long as possible. The official conclusion of the marriage means that young people now must bear responsibility for the family, and this frightens many.

The legal aspect

The main difference between the official and civil marriage is still in legal rights and obligations that arise before the couple.

In the case of divorce in a registered marriage all that was purchased by the spouses during life together is divided equally regardless of whose money it was acquired. As well separated and debts. Sometimes when divorce turns out that, for example, the husband took out a loan without the knowledge of his wife. In this case, the woman will be required to pay half of the remaining debt. At parting unregistered couples division of property is a matter of the pair.

If people married, a child is born, the husband is automatically recognized as the father of the baby and get the birth certificate can either parent. Dad, living with child's mother in a civil marriage, will have to establish paternity. To do this, both parents need to come to the Registrar's office and confirm that the man is the kid's dad.

In the case of separation of the unofficial wife cannot claim alimony for yourself. To claim the money only for the maintenance of children. After the official divorce, man is obliged to contain not only the child, but his ex-wife until the child turns 3 years.

Formal marriage gives rights of inheritance. If one of the spouses dies, the husband or wife are entitled to his share of the property. Civil marriage does not imply such a succession.