For perfect legs will help of all 5 exercises. They can be run both in the morning and evening, and even during Jogging. It is important that you need to give the legs at least 4 days a week. You should start with 10 repetitions of each exercise and then gradually increase the number of repetitions up to 30 times. Now the exercises:
Need to place feet as wide as possible and as widely as possible to expanding our knees, to start slow squats. Crouch too is not enough to perform a squat to the middle. The most important thing is to stay at the bottom of the exercise, and counts exactly to 5, slowly begin to rise. This exercise will give a nice shape the buttocks and outer sides of the legs.
Legs put together, hands put on the belt, socks feet set on lying on the floor of the stand. Then slowly up and down until the stinging sensation in calves of legs.
Through this exercise, well developed buttocks and back upper legs. Set the body to position the feet on width of shoulders, hands put on the belt and begin to raise the leg back. Stopping is required at the end point, then count to 3, slowly return the leg to its original position. First do this exercise with one foot and then another.
You need to put feet on width of shoulders, but now bend the knee and raise it so that it clung to the stomach. You can't bend over because the back should be straight! This exercise gives the perfect shape of all the muscles of the legs, and affects the abdominal muscles, saving them from unnecessary fat.
You need to stand in the pose of a sumo wrestler. And start doing the same moves, and they're not fast, don't need to change the position of the whole body. Just need to off the floor, first one then the other leg. The higher is raised the leg, the better the result. This exercise is useful for the muscles of the hips and inner leg muscles.
This set of exercises helps build muscles and gives them the desired shape. If you need to lose weight in the legs, it is better to Supplement these workouts with cardio (such as aerobics or dancing – it will speed up the fat burning process. Cardiotoniceski you must run at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes.