The figure of "Hourglass"

The upper and lower body are proportional to each other. Owners figures of this type have quite narrow waist and bust and buttocks Vice versa - rounded. This type will fit almost any clothes and accessories for her. The waist can emphasize a stylish strap or a wide belt. Skirt narrow cut, tight breeches or trousers will perfectly fit the image.

Pear-shaped figure

Features: large hips combined with narrow shoulders, average bust, waist can be expressed strongly or weakly, not protruding belly, short stature, lower body is shorter than the top.
In this situation, it is important to shift attention to your upper body. It is necessary to increase and make a proportional upper.

The Figure Of "Rectangle"

Slender legs, broad chest, flat buttocks, thighs without bending the main features. It is necessary to give the figure of femininity through adjustment of the angular field.

The Figure Of "Apple"

Features of this shape are: the silhouette, the waist is not prominent, protruding belly, slender legs, shoulders and hips are proportional to each other. Clothing should visual to lengthen the figure by vertical lines.

Figure "Inverted triangle"

It can be characterized by the following features: shoulders, quite broad, narrow hips, the waist is explicitly expressed, large Breasts and buttocks were most often flat. Approximation to the proportional parts of the body – is the main task that you need to remember when choosing clothes.

Figure "Slender column"

This type of figure is often called boyish because of the narrow hips, the chest is not expressed and implicit waist. To make women look feminine, you should use the clothes to create the appearance of depth and soft curves.