Skirts are an integral part of women's wardrobe, and dresses and skirts with a smell useful in a variety of situations: from business images to simple outfits for everyday life. In the first case, combine these skirts with blouses or shirts and for walks fit a simple white t-shirt.


A hybrid between a skirt and trousers is actually quite convenient and practical thing. If the competent combination with other things and the proper selection of pants, they will be one of the most fashionable and up to date items in your wardrobe. Suggest to combine them with sneakers, pumps and wear them with a loose sweater or a fitted top.


Another relevant trend this season. Sports or casual, warm or light, bombers permanently settled in the wardrobe of the modern fashionistas. Such a thing can be worn by girls with both full and slim figure, and suggest to combine it with skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt and trendy sneakers or sneakers. In some cases, the bomber can be combined with a simple white shirt.

Tops and dresses with open shoulders

This season the shoulder are one of the most popular trends. Things like forms give femininity, lightness, and most importantly, romance. These dresses look good on any figure, but especially to look to him, I suggest slender and petite girls.

Stripes on clothes

Horizontal and vertical stripes on the clothing perform a very important function: to hide various figure flaws. Horizontal stripes competently lengthen and elongate the silhouette, and well-chosen vertical stripes, not fattening, as many people think ladies, but on the contrary, emphasize your strengths.


Another trendy thing that is required to be in the wardrobe of every girl. Jumpsuits are so different that they are suitable for almost everything: for office, outings, visits or parties. If the jumpsuit is selected in accordance with your figure, combined with the right accessories it will look spectacular for any dress worn by the other girls.