Hourglass, This figure type is closest to the ideal. The dimensions of the hips and shoulders are about the same, the waist is well defined, the ratio of length of the torso and legs in proportion. A woman with such a figure does not have to be thin. The proportions of the shoulders, waist and hips are perfect and buxom beauties. As a rule, fat on this body is distributed evenly, rounding out the thighs and breast. Possible figure flaws easily corrected and usually limited to the adjustment of the weight.
"Pear" is the Most common type of female figure. Characterized by rounded hips, narrow shoulders, thin waist, graceful hands, beautiful Breasts and a long neck. Fat accumulates mainly in the area of the buttocks and thighs. "Pears" observed elevated levels of female sex hormone estrogen, so they are very attractive to men.
"Apple" a figure is distinguished by broad shoulders, proportional arms, slender thighs and strong legs. In women, this type straight back with no curves and beautiful Breasts. "Apples" are not afraid of cellulite. The only drawback to this figure, a solid protruding belly.
"Pod" as Their body type women with a shape reminiscent of teenagers: they have a small butt, narrow hips and bones. "Pods" do not suffer from cellulite and excess weight. They have beautiful long legs. The main problem of women with such a figure, small Breasts and no waist.
The "carrot" to Owners of such a proportional body to be envied. They don't have any significant problems with the figure. Women of this type have small Breasts, relatively narrow waist and long slender legs. Their only problem – broad shoulders. Therefore, fat is stored in the upper part of the body: fat the back, shoulders, chest and abdomen.