The first who wore such ornaments, were men. They served as amulets, talismans that protect the owner from evil. So a leader, a warrior or hunter could discern that these ornaments.
Thousands of years passed. People learned how to mine gold, which was considered one of the most valuable metals. It was the beginning in history and a pioneer in the jewelry business. So there is a new craft – processing of gold, and with it the same craftsmen who produced fabulous jewelry.

History shows that the first articles of gold appeared in Egypt and later in the East. In China they took the form of a large necklace, bracelets, rings, crowns and diadems. Later began to decorate precious stones to give a rich look to the product. Ornaments of gold were worn only by the higher strata of society. But, was not deprived of other people who were allowed to wear jewelry: urban and merchants – silver and metal – slaves.

Jewelry and gemstones mining is not standing still. With centuries and centuries they gave a breakthrough. There is a new gem – diamond, processed by special method, which after was named diamond. Craftsmen began to add decoration to a jewelry, which is adorned with diamonds, and they became the main element in jewelry pieces.
Thousands of centuries of changing styles in art that have left a different gorgeous ornaments that have survived to the present day. They seen the soul of jewelry, as well as the spirit of the eras themselves.
And so today we get pleasure from wonderful jewelry, they had to pass a long way through the centuries, amulets and charms to the most luxurious jewelry.