Always remember, ladies, that man, by entering into a relationship hoping that the woman would cook, iron, clean, do Laundry and have sex when the man needs it and as soon as he wants it. I assure you, dear men, that this will not happen, a woman at best will try to be nice for a very small period to your subconscious knew you were not wrong in choosing a partner.

Now remember, dear men, when a woman enters into a marriage hoping the man will change in the future throw all the bad habits and be like she wants.

How to understand woman?

Psychology of a woman when she is in a relationship with a man is much easier than it may seem. In a couple between a man and a woman, the stronger sex have to give something, and weak to it and in return give their love, affection and care.

Women by nature are nothing like each other. Some want more affection, while others require an ordinary family life. Every woman needs a special approach.

Believe me, every woman wants a man well earned and well dressed, but not everyone can say that the man in the face, because it will hurt these words man and the whole spectacle can turn into a real scandal until the divorce and division of property. To avoid this, women have to make a subtle hint, but only such that the man was able to understand it. Also for women is important that their partner was courageous and able in this difficult time to protect your family.

Remember, if you love a woman, you will in any case need to strive for a favorable location, but most importantly, the love was mutual.