What is special about the psyche of woman that distinguishes her from the male?

Women are more shy and much more sensitive men. And yet they have perfectly developed imagination. This cocktail often causes confusion among men, because nothing, in fact, did not happen, and she bursts into tears or were offended. Fears can be linked to anything, but most women are afraid of the future and some events, which is not even a hint in the present. So arranged their psychology, the woman invents a problem and she is beside herself with fantasies. Therefore, the main function of men is to provide psychological comfort, protection and calm in all situations.


Yes, everyone knows about it. The nervous system is unstable and strongly react to any stimulus. It is difficult to calm down, even if the quarrel was over, and if she can't control (which is practically impossible), any reason will become the continuation of the conflict. Also invented is considered.

Always just a little

Especially material things, and of course, money. Buying even a hundredth pair of shoes, she would want something else. Even when wardrobe is going to burst with things instead of throw away half, the first thought in women – buy a bigger one. And it's not greed, it simply psychology always starts from main function – to give birth and raise children. Easier to do it in abundance, and material wealth is reflected in the standard of living and material goods.

Especially of the female psyche:

  • Carefully monitor the health and their appearance. Than well-groomed and chalenee the female body, the more chances to get a high ranking male. Strong and wealthy men to give beautiful offspring and grow it in abundance. And no matter how beautiful the stories about Paradise in a tent, all understand it.
  • When meeting a woman pays attention to the intelligence men. Many people know that women love with their ears, and the quality of speech is associated with intelligence. Man of small mind would use the words-parasites, it is illogical to build it, and to say insecure and ugly. On the contrary, the speech is good to hear, interested in the girl.
  • Another important detail when meeting body language. Pikaper know how to win a girl and the first rule of a difficult task — confidence. She should be in everything – gait, posture, facial expressions, even the look. Beautiful posture means good health. Direct gaze as a smile, girls, read as a manifestation of warm feelings.
  • But all these are details compared to the head feature of the psyche of a woman – the need to give and receive love. This feeling is key and if a woman loves and is loved – she will make it impossible to change yourself and the world will forgive a man all the shortcomings and will do anything for the happiness of a loved one.