Parts and accessories

The first and most important rule in choosing clothes and accessories is restraint. After all, style is in the first place things, chosen with taste and combined with each other, and no amount of designer clothes and its cost. Not like bright things with all sorts of gaudy decorations. Rhinestones, bows and ruffles can spoil all impression. Not very good things they give a certain cheapness. One is enough eye-catching details, like large beads or bright hats, and the image will not be boring or overloaded.

The right choice of colors

The outfit need to pick up, given the fact that the whole image must be present simultaneously for a maximum of three colors. Better yet, wear the same color but different tones. More than any other, creating an expensive way to help calm and noble pastel colors. These include all shades of brown, moderate pink, beige, grey and of course classic black. When buying clothes you need to consider what you already have in your closet. This is necessary in order to alternate between them, creating new combinations.

Of course, every woman needs to understand that no matter how stylish and expensive she dresses, the important thing is grooming. Clean, neatly stacked or slightly carelessly loose hair, manicured nails, plucked eyebrows, all this says much more about her mistress than the number of expensive items and jewelry.