Simplicity in the details

It is important to pay attention to detail and have a well-groomed appearance. The style is created from parts. To look good, every woman needs to monitor the cleanliness of hair and nails, manicure in soothing colours, acid colors varnishes will not help in creating the expensive look.

It is necessary to abandon things with rhinestones, a large amount of decorative detail, embroidery, beads and ribbons, feathers and finishes of colored fur. It all adds cheapness and bad taste. Perhaps at first glance this kind of thing cute, but they look like the Chinese market and scream about the vulgarity and bad taste of their mistress. Also, to create a stylish image does not fit mini skirt, pantyhose-fishnet, blouses with too much cleavage and coloured fur.

The right thing

The correct thing should look good, be simple and tasteful be combined with other items. If you walk through the expensive boutiques of luxury class, you can see that there does not sell anything supernatural. On hangers hanging clothes from quality materials with a great dressing, but familiar style, restrained, simple cut, with flavor and not overloaded with details.

Looks best time-tested classics. You should choose items, high quality sewn perfectly to the shape of quality material. The closet can be a few things, but they should go well and is beneficial to emphasize the dignity of its owner.