In order to prevent the child from crying, he must be healthy, well fed and well rested. To support the child's health, you need good nutrition, healthy sleep, fresh air, active wakefulness and happy rested mother. Moms try to provide all the baby and myself often forget. Mothers must rest, depends on the health of the child.

Babies up to 3-4 months, eat only milk, and then in their diet introduce fruit and vegetable juices. The lure begins with the volume of a teaspoon and gradually adjusted to 30 ml. This process is better to start with unsweetened juice (Apple, carrot). Pediatricians advise to give vitamin D together with carrot juice, together they are better absorbed. In the following month introduced fruit and vegetable puree and then cheese, butter, cereals, egg yolk and meat.

For a child requires long sleep in the fresh air. Before bed you must also ventilate the room where the baby sleeps. During sleep a child should not hear any extraneous noises, classical music and nursery rhymes. Psychologists suggest only in the first 15 minutes accompany sleep baby similar products. The first months children need to be sure to swaddle tightly so they don't floundered during sleep and Wake themselves.

During waking hours for a child of compulsory gymnastics, appropriate to their age. So every month they will acquire new skills and abilities. It must be remembered that the objective of the exercise is to teach the child not to sit, to sit independently, to stand and to get up. Don't rush the baby. Also in the clinic, in the office of a healthy child, you need to massage skills and escort him daily at the same hours.

With a newborn it's hard to respect the day, but if you stick with it, and the vagaries of the problems will be much less. In the beginning the young mothers will have to be patient to achieve the desired results, but in the end the mother will know exactly why the tears baby and what he currently wants. Following the simple guidelines mentioned in the literature, you'll ensure that your baby grows up healthy and happy.