Every child is different

In order to properly analyze the development of your baby, she needs to know that he should be able to do in a particular age. Of course, each child develops individually, but there are some features that you should pay attention to. One-month-old baby sleeps more than is awake, so inexperienced moms often don't know what the baby already knows how much.

Features of development of vision

The baby's eyes allows him to focus on the subjects, follow their movement through the arc at a distance of 15-20 cm, and also to distinguish contrasting colors and patterns. In 2-3 weeks the child begins to consider bending over him the face. If an adult will systematically make the facial movements, the baby will begin to "answer" him. General baby's movement is still inhibited. He is far-sighted, if to fix his gaze on the closest half of the items, it will start to mow eyes to concentrate.
Despite the fact that month old most of the time spends in sleep, he was able to focus on objects and distinguish colors.

Physiological development and hearing

Hearing a newborn at this age is already well developed, the baby is able to distinguish from the other sounds of mother's voice and her smell and the touch of the hand. He distinguishes sounds in height and it prefers a meaningful set of words. Also by the end of the first month the child is trying to publish their first "Agoo" or "ghouls". At monthly age the physiological development of the child requires attention. In the brief intervals of wakefulness, it is necessary to do massage and swimming procedures. Tot is still very weak, but he makes the first attempt to lift head while lying on his tummy, and turn it in the direction of the sound source.

Emotional development

At monthly age the child already responds to communication with adults, for example, pays attention, smiles, stops crying. At this age it is very important to engage with him, for example, include quiet music, to speak gentle words, to attract the attention of bright rattles.
The emotional development of a child depends on the training, the more time the mother is ready to give your baby, the faster he will become the first "AGU".

The development of the baby depends on the parents

Development month old baby depends on the willingness of parents to engage with him. Despite the fact that your baby is still very small, it requires greater attention. The more time parents will be given to communication with the baby, the sooner he starts to hold his head, to respond to objects and say their first "Agoo".