The development of speech

Year kid should know about 12 words. Your task is to enrich vocabulary of the baby. How to do it? Read him more fairy tales, poems. The books have to be bright pictures. So, the child will see the picture and hear you, thus it will match images with the actions that you tell. At this age children already understand everything that adults tell him, just can't answer. So ask the opinion of your child about your reading, let it be the answer is unclear, but continues to develop his speech.

Special games will also help you. Show the child the picture cow; picture as she mumbles. The same applies to other animals. Here you can come educational cartoons.

Talk to the baby without melting down: he repeats for adults, copy their model of behavior, therefore, may begin to pronounce the words correctly. Constantly interact with him, even if he will not be responsible. He should hear correct speech of adults, the only way a child talks.

Knowledge of the world

Toddlers learn about the world. Your child began to crawl in the cupboards, under the beds, and he is interested in many things? Rejoice, because he makes new discoveries. In no case do not scold your child and give the opportunity to explore all of interest. Don't forget to remove all small things, otherwise the baby can swallow them.

Physical development

Teach your baby to do exercises. Let it be not tedious exercises, and fun dance to dynamic music. So, baby will get a charge of vivacity for the whole day. Also don't forget about tempering procedures, which will increase the baby's immunity.

The development of fine motor skills of hands

It is necessary to develop fine motor skills of the baby, to do this, give it different shapes and sizes objects. He feels them, turns, shifts from hand to hand. Buy special toys, for example, mazes with beads. Moving them, the baby will develop fine motor skills.


Walking on the street with the child, explaining to him everything that is happening around. For example, tell us about prothuses the tram, playing kittens, trees, plants, houses, etc. Teach your baby to distinguish colors, shapes, sizes; understand the purpose of certain items.

Let the little one runs around, plays in the sandbox, communicate with their peers. Explain to him how to act and how not. You only think that baby still does not understand anything, in fact it is not.