It is possible that this behavior is caused by a rich inner world of a child who completely captivates him. When this situation occurs, parents must find out the true causes of the isolation of their child, but they must comply with the delicacy. If the child only, such behavior is characteristic for him because he was from the beginning, lack of communication with children, and this could be detrimental to further his communication skills. Therefore, it is necessary to try to compensate for the loneliness of a child going to friends, peers, playgrounds, or even in the yard, where they play all the other kids.

Much worse situation is when the reason for the closure of the child is incorrect, the negative behavior of parents. Now very common eternal employment of parents and the lack of attention devoted to the child. This attitude is very off-putting to children, causing a lot of negative emotions and forces to lock the kid in yourself. In order to avoid such effects the formation of a new individual, parents just need to rethink our relationships in the family, and then they will see how things will change for the better, and the child will begin to trust them.

Of how to identify the causes of isolation of the child? In such cases very often come to the aid of the drawings of young artists. It's not just a Doodle, they can make a psychological portrait of a man. If the child was four years old, then it makes sense to offer to draw pictures of their family. If the kid drew themselves larger than all the others, you may very much indulge, but the image is too small may indicate an underestimation of its role, although it may be that the baby just makes it clear how he is still small. If the child drew a picture of himself apart from the rest, it receives little attention in the family. In any case, such a situation should not be idle, an urgent need to pay attention to them and take action to address them.