There are times when parents are trying to protect the child from any contact. Such a complete isolation from society leads to the fact that the child is not able to get along with people, make friends with their peers. Quite often, the shyness of a child due to his personality and way of life of the parents.

There are moms who unsociable, sullen, uncommunicative, they are characterized by mistrust and increased anxiety, afraid of everything — the streets, infections, fights, bad influences, and thus they set an example for their children. As a result, the child grows amorphous and helpless. Remember, worrying, nervous, emotional atmosphere are very harmful to the child, because such a situation can not only lead to shyness and timidity of the child, but also nervousness. Also a timid and shy kid growing up in families where very strict and demanding attitude towards him.

How to teach a child not to be shy?

Quite often moms ask the question: what to do if a child is shy? Can I teach him not to be shy of others? First and foremost, the child should be taught to communicate, he should be able to play with other kids and also get along with strangers as adults. To develop communication skills need to frequently visit playgrounds, sandboxes, parks... Because it is in such places, the child can seamlessly transform from a passive observer in a fairly active participant in the games.

Feel free to play with your child in the sandbox, try to set up a play involving multiple children, try to invite friends of the child. Never shame a child, do not leave one in conflict situations, because children are sometimes very cruel, they not only quickly noticed the weakness of the other children, but also love to mock them. Never criticize a child for shyness, on the contrary, often try to encourage and praise him. Quite often parents make the mistake of discussing with other adults shyness of your child in his presence. He needs to hear about them only good.

If a child is constantly afraid that something will not work, does not believe in their strength, and often worries about this, are unhappy with their appearance or their achievements, it signals that the child needs help. You need to help him look for their positive aspects, try in such situations to assess publicly the results of the activities of the child, his successes and just personal qualities – punctuality, for example.

Simultaneously, it is possible to overcome the shyness of the child through a variety of trainings, organizing those situations where your child will be able to try their hand. Here you need to observe the principle "from simple to complicated, first you need to give the light of the task with which your child certainly handle. For example, in the store to ask the kid to buy something for yourself, or help set the table at home, if you are expecting guests. Such actions you emphasize what a child can independently handle the orders. Thus, the child will accumulate positive experiences of behavior in different situations. The main cure for shy kids is warmth, attention and affection from parents. Treat the child with respect as an adult, and at the same time do not forget that he's still a kid.