Initially, each child is experiencing a lack of confidence and under normal circumstances, over time, quietly out of this state. With such shyness parents not to fight it, this is a normal age-related manifestation of the awareness of the child itself.

But there are cases when shyness the child is not lost, but merely enhanced. Step by step we will understand why this is happening and how to prevent it. You first need to determine exactly what your child something not so. It's possible that he just likes the privacy and is not alone. The child who needs help, as follows. He has difficulty communicating with peers and sometimes with adults, suffers from the fact that lonely, and extremely sensitive to any criticism – is dismissive and withdraws into himself. In an environment of strangers is extremely awkward and lost when all attention is drawn to it.

What to do if your child fits the second description? It's simple: we need to support him, unnoticed by him, to raise the self-esteem of the baby. Try to take his things that he has done, and praise after each successful execution. If something failed, at first anyway, praise, and then, as if by chance, offer to do the same thing, but slightly differently, thereby correcting the error. Here is an example. If a child drew a flower upside down, you shouldn't laugh and run to show his picture to the neighbors and spouse. Praise the toddler for the selected color, size, aspect ratio, and then invite with you to not draw a Daisy and a rose, but in the correct order.

The child must realize and understand that lives up to your expectations, even when it brings a bad grade from school. And the fact that you are child abuse, this is not a criticism of his personal qualities, and the desire to make it even better. Remember how many times you said the phrase "and the neighbor nick at your age, already tying the laces himself, and he cleans up toys, and my mom always helps". It turns out that the kid always feels that he's not good enough for their parents, not what the neighbor boy. This feeling develops and transformered to the uncertainty in the forces and in adult life.