There are two types of watermelon diet, but each of them need to calculate into your weight amount of water-melon which can be taken in form of juice and eat a calculated amount of pulp per day. As with any diet, you need to be careful and monitor his health. If you get worse or you feel any discomfort, the diet should immediately stop and go to a normal diet. The body cannot respond to the abrupt transition of power to a single product.

The first type of a diet more hard. For every ten pounds of weight you need to take one kilogram of the flesh of the watermelon and eat it is the amount of pulp per day. The liquid can be drunk in unlimited quantities. Such fluid for example may be green tea or plain water. Watermelon you can eat, and drink its juice at any time of the day. The first type of diet is not recommended to extend longer than five days.

Second, a more lenient view watermelon diet. Also as in the first type of diet watermelon can be consumed in juice form. Breakfast should start with oatmeal, preferably not sweet, which it is possible to add cheese. Lunch should be from poultry or fish and vegetable salad without heavy dressing. Dinner can consist of only one watermelon. With the expectation of every thirty pounds of weight you need to eat one kilogram of pulp. Dinner is not less than four hours before bedtime.

An important factor is that the diet should exclude any alcohol. When strict adherence to this diet you can lose weight up to seven pounds, but if after two days use watermelon diet observed deterioration of health, heaviness of the stomach, diarrhea, you should discontinue the diet. Usually, however, watermelon diet is very easy. For its application one does not feel hunger or any other discomfort. But, as in any other diet, it has its drawbacks. An important disadvantage is that weight loss is by getting rid of excess water in the body, but not at the expense of fats.