Red sneakers and running shoes

Classic red shoes help in creating the image of naughty girls. They look great with a simple straight or ragged jeans, complete with plaid shirt. In hotter weather, red sneakers to wear with Jean shorts and t-shirts with funny prints. Red sneakers are ideal not only for active recreation, but also to create a daring youth images.
Wearing red sneakers, or sneakers with short shorts or dresses, remember that these shoes looks better on a slender athletic legs.

Red running shoes, i.e. running shoes, help to break the feminine look and make it a naughty twist. Worn with linen or cotton white dress shirt, and dress they serve a juicy accent and talking about the sense of humor of its owner. Colored sneakers with red accents give the opportunity to complement their large number of accessories than the plain red sneakers.

The harmonious combination of red, blue and white allows you to create many fashionable looks. For example, put on a sporty white dress with Polo collar, complete with a red-coral sneakers and canvas summer bag in blue and white nautical stripes.

Red shoes on the platform or wedge heels

Hit the last of the season – shoes with thick rubber soles or similar ones athletic shoes-slips without laces. These shoes are as comfortable while walking and is ideal for a summer vacation. Red sneakers with thick soles and without laces are worn with cropped trousers and jeans, and short skirts or dresses. Combine them with white breeches, vest and straw bag-sopera. White cap, steel earrings in the shape of anchors or other accessories with a nautical theme will help to create a stylish image, appropriate for a vacation at the resort.
Red sneakers with thick soles are suitable for Mature women, because of their mischievous they are able to subtract the age of the hostess.

High red sneakers and wedge sneakers suited as an autumn or winter Shoe for every day if you fail to comply with a strict office dress code. These shoes wear with boyfriend jeans, leather pants, and with skirts and dresses in a casual style. In a cool day, warmed with red wedge sneakers and blue jeans the boyfriend rolled up to the ankles. Combine them with a bit of a stretched sweater-oversized black, brown or gray, men's straight black coat, knee-length, cap-toe and a small bag-briefcase.

For a party or going to the movies, wear red wedge sneakers with short leather skirt and a wide cotton switchcom. Tights better to choose a deep gray or not wear them at all.