In society appear overly strict parents, adelayda your child's attention. "All allow", which at some point in time lose control of the children and sincerely do not understand what caused this. In the end, once the kids are a bit older, the family start to arise disputable situations caused by the bad behaviour of the younger generation. The dominant catalyst for the bad behavior of children are the family relationships. To find out causal connection in a more detailed analysis of aspects of the children of disobedience.

A loud, ringing a child crying for no apparent reason. The main purpose of the child manipulation of parents. This behavior is peculiar to children unsure of themselves, who thus tend to force loved ones to be always with them. This is due to the immense care and as a result, fear of the child to make independent steps in the process of studying the environment. Initially it costs a bit to physically distance yourself from your child, as pity will stimulate his uncertainty. Faith in the baby by all the household, praise for the most minor actions and lack of criticism will lead to a fairly rapid change in behavior of the child.

Aggression, verbal bullying. These are signs of inner pain child on a psychological level. Affecting adults and causing them suffering, he pays them for the inability to open up and share their experiences. The lack of trust between family members is the main aspect of this process. Parental care, accompanied by friendly conversations about the inner world of Chad, will help the child to be protected from his pain and correct his condition.

The behavior of "nerd", the endless bickering. The driving force is to earn the love of parents. The expression provoked by the lack of attention to the child, thus he tries to prove his importance in the family any, even negative way. Enough more frequent hugs and involvement in all family discussions, to give the child a sense of his recognition as an equal member of the family.

It is worth noting that punishment of children in all situations will only worsen relations in the family, as the child pursues the right goals for themselves and will regard it as a challenge to fight. To avoid penalties and improve the atmosphere in the family will only help the understanding and tracking all of the prerequisites for behavioural change.