Causes of spoiled child

Ill-conceived system of education. Very often the result of inconsistent parenting model, the child becomes spoiled. For example, a mother insists that a child go to bed no later than 22-00. While dad lets beloved child to sit up for another half hour-hour. Possible problems due to divergent views on the education of children from moms, dads and grandparents. Very often grandparents spoil the grandchildren while the parents are trying hard to pacify the child. The result is evident. The child begins to manipulate adults. Surprisingly, he does it very well.

The long-awaited child. It is no secret that many couples have problems with procreation. Someone puts in first place the career, hoping to "live for yourself" then. Someone just can't get pregnant. The mass of options. The result is the same – the newborn becomes the center of the Universe all around – for mom and dad, to grandparents, for all. Of course, it's not bad. A child is a miracle. No need to love him halfway, he deserves more. But! Need to know the measure. Never suscites with the baby. And don't let to do it to others. Do not try to protect the child from everything. Not flying on all cylinders to solve small problems crumbs, let them first try to do it myself. The child is as human as you are. Fail to put him in a Golden cage, protected from all evil and dangerous. So do not even try to do it, otherwise you'll have to apply those tips that I will give just below the parents spoiled child.

The confusion in his own views on the upbringing of the child. Most often this problem faced by new parents who soul all want to raise kind and helpful child, but do not know how to do it. They don't understand how to behave with the baby, what to allow and what to restrict. In fact, there is nothing terrible. We all were once burned by their mistakes, every parent has stumbled and got confused in their methods of child rearing. Most importantly, do not run, or worse, not let things slide. Otherwise you'll have then to reap the fruits of their own work.

What grows up a spoiled child?

Aggressive; weak; defenseless; jealous; greedy; insecure; incapable of making decisions.

This shows that the prospect is not rosy. It is necessary to change something.

How to reeducate the spoiled child?

The most important advice is to stop trying to pander to the whims of a spoiled child. Just make it not abruptly, but gradually. For a start, teach your child to be patient.

For example, the kid asks him to include cartoons, and you're busy in the kitchen. Explain that spoiled kid that will turn on the cartoons, but in 10 minutes after release. Naturally, in response, hear the howl, the cry and the familiar patter of little feet. It is here that you should keep yourself in hand. In the end, you decided to reeducate the spoiled child. Do not back! Pretend nothing happened, go about your business, but after 10 minutes they turn on the TV.

Another example in the store the kid asks to buy another toy. Say that today you didn't bring extra money. And, again, don't give in. No, no way. No need, after seeing the first tear to rush to the counter with doll-machine-train.

In the end, the child must understand that not only has his desires and whims that other people also need to be considered. In the first place – with mom and dad.

Then talk to a spoiled child. Explain to him that you didn't buy him a toy, not because more don't like him, but because you don't actually have the money. Promise from the first paycheck be sure to buy something that is not bought today. And don't forget to fulfill the promise, otherwise the baby will think you are cheating on him. Then have to escabrosa child lies, because children copy the behavior of their parents.

Let understand the spoiled child that you still love him as much as before, just sometimes it upsets their behavior mom and dad. Emphasis is placed on it. That you are not upsetting the child and his behavior. Otherwise the baby might get the impression that you don't like him because he's bad. Children's psyche is a very complicated thing. You need to be very careful in his words, in order not to complicate relations with a child.