Are seven signs of crisis:

Negativity – a negative reaction to suggestions of adults, in other words to do the opposite, what he was asked.

Stubbornness – the child should be the first decision to get something and to refuse it can not, even if the replacement.

Willfulness – the emergence of the phrase – I am! The kid tries his hand, asserts itself actively exploring the world. Although the initiative is often inadequate.

Obstinacy – oriented against the lifestyle that has developed in the family up to three years.

Protest-rebellion – dissatisfaction and negative emotions, the main instrument of the child at this stage of growing up.

The depreciation – something that previously had value, it was interesting, now depreciated. The child can start to call names, to break him earlier expensive toys and do this kind of thing.

Despotism – the child shows the power over others to achieve the desired result using various techniques. Kid forcing others to do what he claimed.

The reactions of the adults in the child's behavior in this crisis is very important. There are a number of common tips, the application of which eventually leads to the overcoming of negative traits in the behavior of the child:

  • The use of games in teaching toddler independence.
  • The departure from the totalitarian style of parenting.
  • The rejection of hyperopic.
  • Parents need to stick to one parenting strategies.
  • Search for conciliatory solutions to conflicts, where the child has the right to choose.
  • Rules of conduct must be submitted in the usual form, and observed the soft to monitor their implementation.
  • Teaching a child social skills with peers and adults.
  • The emphasis in education should be on positive attitude, and not on prohibitions and punishment.

The crisis of three years is not a manifestation of disobedience or unfortunate heredity, and the stages of child development, without which impossible the development of personality. Respect your child and teach this to others. Only the parents and their actions and attitude can help your child quickly and easier to develop the crisis of three years.