Development of the child

If you want to know how much weight should weigh your child in three years, you have to remember that in addition to the individual characteristics of its development, there are accepted standards: height, weight and development of the child in a certain year of life, but as each child develops differently, it may not meet these standards.

The growth of the baby in 3 years should be about, 96-98 cm, and weighs about 14.5 pounds, but not all children conform to these parameters. Don't worry if your child is healthy, happy and well developed, but do not fit these parameters, since they are highly averaged.
If the doctors don't have questions about your child's development, most likely, you, as a mother, worry is absolutely not necessary.

Factors that affect the weight of your baby

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the development and life of a small child. However, the main factor is genetics. Parents should pay attention to what their relatives, grandfathers or grandmothers.
The child often follows the development and weight of the parents, at least – grandparents.

Lot of weight child at 3 years is one of the factors to improper development of your baby. While overweight children are less mobile than others. If the fullness of the child is due only to overeating, most likely you need to take his weight closely, for example, to write in the sports section, or pick up what the optimal diet. Still need to see a specialist, to pass the necessary analyzes and be sure that your child is well. If the development there is a deviation, perhaps a specialist will help you choose proper nutrition and exercise.

However, the cause of excessive weight of the child can be not only wrong nutrition but also violations of other functions and body systems, e.g. endocrine. If the cause of excess weight has become a disease, you need to explain this to a three year old kid to pick up his activity that your child will enjoy, and where he will be able to show themselves. In a team it will become everyone's favorite.

If a child of 3 years under the influence of negative life situations was not gaining weight, it may also be the reason for your concern. At the same time, you need to show patience and love for your baby. To adjust and Refine all the changes in the weight of your three year old son or daughter you will also help centile tables of weight.